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Grant Valdes is a relatively prolific songwriter. He was born in Seattle in 1984. As a child, he studied piano with Martha Colang; as a teenager, he studied guitar with Michael Crouse. He attended Oberlin College, where he played in the drum machine cover duo Quaalude City.

Valdes has released some well-received albums, both under his own name and with the Empty Mirror. He lives in Queens.



Gathered Hymns of Haden Laas [in progress: 2014 - 2018]


Brownout [2014]
.mp3  |  .mp3 + numbered cassette


Eight Paris Sketches [2011]
.mp3 | numbered compact disc


Grant Valdes via Summer Lungs [EP] [2010]
with Summer Lungs


At Peace At Last [2010]
.mp3 | compact disc


Abstracted Catholic [EP] [2009]
with the Empty Mirror


Overwhelm [2008]
with the Empty Mirror
.mp3 | compact disc


Demo compendium [1999 - 2012]
two hundred select demos

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